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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Busy week.... In Majuro

Good day from the Marshall Islands. Well the last couple of weeks have been really busy. Full of work but also full of blessings. Our new laser printer finally made it in country. What a blessing. It prints really fast and is very economical. It is already helping by providing notes to our students. We are also getting ready to use it to print our newsletter. Yes, we are back in the newsletter business so watch your mail boxes. With the new printer we can print eight newsletters for what it would have cost to print one using inkjet printer. I blessing of speed and economy. A big thanks and blessing to the supporter who provided it to us.
Well after a very dry five weeks we have started to see rain again. Praise God! What we take for granted sometimes is so precious here in the Marshall Islands. You see there is no ground water here. All of there drinking water is caught when it rains. There is one place on the island that has a shallow water well but it tends to be a little brackish and only provides a limited amount. Here on Majuro and the outer islands most people rely on the rain for there daily needs. Praise God He always hears us and answers our prayers.
Things in the training center are going well. We are still continuing in Systematic Theology. We have also now start teach the Salvation Army Leaders and Pastors twice a week. I am now teaching about 50 leaders throughout the week. Wednesday and Friday being the long days. They have also asked me to do a Wednesday night bible study on the other end of the island. Praise God for open doors. Please agree with Shawn and I that we will have wisdom on how to schedule ourselves without burnout.
Shawn is continuing to prepare for our upcoming puppet workshop in October. We send a big thank you to all who have helped and sent support in this area. We send a big thank you to Monica Ford who came last year and did the first seminar. We are using these skills again in October, what a blessing. Another big thanks to Winter Haven Worship Center who helped us by sending us key supplies for this training. Last but not least a thank you to Larry and Betty Clark (our father and mother) who always support us by taking care of so many things there in the US.
Shawn is also now helping teach the women on Thursday nights. Praise the Lord. She is really excited about teaching this Bible study. God is continuing to open new doors for her to minister to the women of the Marshall Islands. Keep her in your prayers and new opportunities for ministry unfold for Shawn. We are stretching beyond the children’s ministry.
Travis is doing great. He is now a licensed driver and is working at the local store. He has seen favor and blessing in his new job and certainly enjoys driving. It has slowed him down a little on his fishing. We are sure though that once he adjusts to his new schedule he will be back in the lagoon.
Stephen is doing well. Growing like a weed and maturing in so many ways. He is back working weekends at the dive shop. He is happy and has adjusted well to his life here in the Marshalls. Richard, is growing and continues to change from day to day. His personality amazes us everyday. It is hard to believe in six months he will be a teenager. Will we survive the teenage years? By the grace of God. We have the victory.
Well that is about it for this week in Majuro. It has been busy and blessed. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Remember to tell someone about Jesus today!
Steve and Shawn

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