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Wotje Atoll
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Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday in the Islands

Hello from the Islands. Great things are happening and as usual God is moving among the people. Since our last post we celebrated the birthday of Davis Paul. He is the son of Paul and Tarbine. He was one year old and we had a great celebration. The first birthday is the most important one to the Marshallese. It is a a party that everyone is invited to. We have a great time celebrating with the family and friends of Paul and Tarbine. Paul lived with Dr Lew and Mariesa Davis for three years and Davis of course is named after Lew. Dr Lew and Mariesa who were here before us are now is Bolivia ministering to the people there. In the picture above you see a picture of Davis at the party.

We also have got to minister in Ajeltake Full Gospel Church and in Rairok. The Spirit moved in both services and many people were touched. We also had a pleasant surprise in Ajeltake. Translators here have to be really talented. They are working with only 1100 words and have to take english and put it in Marshallese. Not an easy task I can tell you. However, on Sunday morning I had a new translator. One of my students It was a man name Belis who is almost finished with training. We I stepped up I thought in myself well I just don’t know about this one. I prayed for him and we started the service. I have to tell you he is an awesome translator. One who is so quiet and reserved turned out to be one of the best translators I have worked with, Praise God. I now have someone else that can help us spread the Gospel.

Shawn is continuing to minister to the ladies in Ajeltake on Thursday nights. She is teaching on prayer and it is awesome. The ladies keep asking her, don’t stop preaching keep going. Needless to say Shawn is flowing in the Holy Ghost and spreading God’s Word in new ways everyday. Planning is going well and we now have the funding to do the puppet stages. Missionary Ventures is going to provide the funds to buy the materials for the puppet stages on the outer islands. Praise God and thanks to Glen Dubois and Missionary Ventures.

Rain has come back to the Marshalls and we are seeing the catchmens beginning to fill up. Praise God we went through quite a hot spell but relief has come. We have more water now and the pump started acting up. I feel like Moses now sometimes when I have to go down and strike the pump to get it working. Ha ha but it is a blessing to have water.

Many things are happening here in the islands. The newsletter will be out this week and will cover a lot of what is going on. Doors with the government are opening and opportunites to minister in other island countries. Be sure to read the newletter and let us know what you think. If you do not have our email address you can contact us through Missionary Ventures International. To keep the SPAM down we have not posted our email address on the BLOG. Be blessed in all that you do and may you prosper even as your soul prospers. Tell someone about Jesus today.
Steve and Shawn

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