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Wotje Atoll
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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Good Morning from Majuro. Well it has been a busy week. To everyone in the US have a great Labor day weekend. I know that most of you have Monday off. Here in the Marshalls they have Friday the 1st off, so we celebrated Labor day yesterday. Well that would be today, your time, at the time of this post.
Class went great this week. We are now teaching Systematic Theology to the students. They are all doing well with the subject. It just takes a little while longer to explain concepts when working in two different languages. The Marshalles only have about 1100 words total in their language so explaining concepts sometimes can be challenging.
It is amazing to watch as they learn more about God and put it to use in their lives and churches. We are seeing the flames of revival in many of the churches here in the islands. This week, the Full Gospel Churches announced their plan to start two more churches in the Northern Islands. Many people in this area have asked for the new churches to be started. So we look forward to go there and to here the reports from these new churches.
The radio station project is going well. Only two more hurdles before we have the license. We are working with the airport and the EPA now for the final approvals. Please keep this area lifted up in prayer. Shawn is busy preparing for a puppet workshop in October. Four outer island churches will be hosted here on Majuro. They will learn how to make puppets and puppet stages. When they leave here they will have curriculum and puppets for their churches on the outer islands.
Travis started work yesterday, Labor day of all days. He now has his drivers license and as usual on the move. It was awesome to take him to work on his first day. Stephen went back to working with Bako divers. Yesterday was his first day back and he to was excited to get back into the water. They have not been working because of boat problems but the boat is back in the water and so is Stephen. Richard, well he is everywhere and continues to make new friends everyday. He is always out with his friends and constantly making new friends. By the way he is the fish expert of the lagoon. If you come and visit us he will be sure to tell you about all of the fish.
New doors opened up this week with the Salvation Army. Two weeks from now we will begin training their leaders. It is a great opportunity to cross denominational walls. We know that the Holy Ghost has opened up this door. The Salvation Army here, Captains Marty and Nancy Cooper have been a blessing to us in many ways. We look forward to teaching the Word and flowing in the Spirit to their leaders. They also have started a boat repair program for the local people. This takes an old boat that needs to be repaired, fixes it and puts a new motor on it for about 5,000.00. This may be the door we need to get boats to Pastors. If you would like to help us in anyway please contact us. Have a blessed weekend and we thank God for all of our partners in the Gospel.

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