Wotje Atoll

Wotje Atoll
Taking off from Wotje Atoll

Friday, October 27, 2006

Ebeye and Back

Well we are back on island after after trip to Ebeye. We left for Ebeye last saturday morning and returned on Monday. Then once again on Tuesday back into the classroom. There is definitely always something going on here in the islands. Our trip to Ebeye was awesome. We flew in on Saturday and met with the Full Gospel Pastor and deacons. After that off to a birthday party. Hermai Makkoro’s, a deacon of the church, grandson had his one year birthday party. So we went and had a great time fellowshipping with the people.

Sunday we were back in full swing and ministered in both services in the church. In the morning we say the power of God fall. People were filled with the Holy Ghost, bodies were healed and other set free. It was a powerful time. However, no airconditioning in this church. Now I have to say that most churches in the Marshall islands but Ebeye is a little different. Ebeye is a very small island about the size of one airport runway, length and width that is. It is home to about 16,000 people. Believe me, the houses there are about three to four inches apart. It is very crowded and the living conditions are very difficult. Problems with sewer, water and other social problems abound. Most of the Marshallese that live here work on Kwajalien, the US base here in the Marshall Islands. Anyway the full gospel church there has no windows and is cooled by one airconditioner. Well Sunday morning the power was out! That however did not stop the Spirit of God. I have to tell you though my whole body was pouring sweat. I have to say though when God is moving you do not even notice it.

It was an amazing Sunday morning and Sunday was just as powerful! On Monday we went and surveyed the location of the school that they want to build. Land on Ebeye is very precious and this gift from the senator of Ebeye is awesome. It is a piece of land that has a building on it. It will have to be renovated but it is in good shape and should be able to have about ten classrooms. So believe God with us for doors to open to build this school. Our vision is to have this school up and running by August of next year. Then I found a special jewel. Ebeye has its own FM radio station that is not being used! It is fully operational but no one is operating it at this time. When it was running everyone on the island listened to it! So we are going to approach the people in charge of it and see if the Full Gospel church can run it! We are believing God for this tool to be put in the hands of the churches. That evening I flew back to Majuro.

School has been great this week and everything is on track. We are looking forward to next week when Cathy Bentley and Linda Gallagher from Florida come and minister here in the islands. We are planning on taking them off island to two outer islands to minister. We are believing God for great things to happen while they are here. So we are in the preparation mode for them to come. After the outer islands we are hoping they will be able to spend time with the students. Oh yeah, we finally got the stamps and were able to mail out the newsletters. I believe that you should have them next week.

For those of you who email us regularly we have had no phone for most of the week. It has been in and out. We also had a power outage yesterday. The ship came into today and we should have our gear on Monday afternoon. Praise God we are ready to put that generator into action! We ask you to keep us in prayer. We pray for you and believe in you all. We thank you all so much for your prayers and support. May you always prosper even as your soul prospers.

Running with the Vision
Steve, Shawn and the boys

PS: The Pictures above are of Ebeye Full Gospel Church and Ebeye as you come in on the boat.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Well hello! It has been a long week since the storm. The storm passed with no loss of life, praise God just a lot of trash to clean up. Before we left to come to the Marshalls we remember the year of the four hurricanes that came through Florida. Wow! It took quite awhile for many people to recover and some are even still recovering from that year. Even as the storm was going on here we thought about that time. Here in the Marshalls there is no where to run. When a typhoon comes or a major storm system it is time to batten down the hatches and hang on. It is truly a time a faith and relying on God’s protection. I have to tell you though that we prayed and went to bed as usual. We slept a most peaceful sleep knowing that God had everything in control. The other part of the miracle was that we did not lose telephone or electricity. Praise God, that was a blessing in its own right. God most certainly knows how to care of us, we just need to remember to rely on Him at all times.

In the picture above you see a picture of Pastor Joni Labjanil and his wife Reesa and their son Joe. They are now pastors on the Langnaar atoll to our south. They are the last atoll in the Arno chain. They moved their this weekend to take over a church there. Pastor Joni, was a CTC student and trained under Dr. Lew Davis and when we came he continued under our ministry. Please keep his family in prayer. Arno is very remote and the conditions there are tough. However we have no doubt in this man of God and know that he is walking in the will of the Father. Where there is vision there is provision.

The day after the storm, Sunday the 8th we ministered at the Morning Star church. It was a powerful Holy Ghost service. The anointing fell and lives were changed. We were invited to come back the following Sunday morning on the 15th. In that service people were set free by the power of God! It was awesome to the see the power of God move in the service. Between the 8th and the 15th though we had an extremely busy week. Not only did we have class everyday but we did a pastors seminar for three days for the Salvation Army! Wow, praise God for His strength and grace. We give Him all of the honor, glory and praise for last week. At the end of the pastors conference we ended up with invitations to Ebeye, Jaluit Jaluit and Jaluit Jabor to come and train the Salvation Army leaders there. We praise God for continually opening doors for us here in the Marshall Islands.

Today is Wednsday and class is going strong. I fly out Saturday morning to the islands of Kwajalien and Ebeye. I am going there to minister at the Full Gospel church on Sunday but also to do a site survey for a new Christian School to be started there. We are helping to start a new school there that will start with pre K to third grade to start off. Then every year after that they will add a grade until they reach the 8th grade level. All the schools on Ebeye are private and at this time there are 2000 kids who do not go to school on Ebeye. We have a vision to remedy that problem. Please stand with us in pray and agreement for our vision for Christian education in the Marshall Islands.

Everyone here is doing well and prospering. The boys are well and blessed. Shawn is continuing to excell in everything she does and touches. We praise God for daily provision and the vision that He has placed in our hearts. For as we run with the vision we give all of the praise, honor and glory to our Father in Heaven. Be blessed in all that you do and may you prosper even as your soul prosper. Running with the vision in the islands.

Steve, Shawn and the boys

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Stormy Day in the Marshalls

Good day from the Pacific. It is a wonderful day here in the Marshall Islands. We have been getting a lot of rain as you can see from the pictures. It has been raining now for about three days. The Catchments are full, praise God. It is like it goes from extreme hot and dry to rain in a matter of days. Of course here in the islands we do not have a fall or winter. It is either wet or dry. It looks like that we have several possible typhoons building in the area. The ocean is very angry and not a good time to be in a boat. It is always amazing though that the sea does not cover the entire atoll. It is amazing to see God’s Word at work. He put the tides and seas in place and they still obey the word that was spoken. The tempature is still about 78 degrees Fahrenheit even with the rain. However to the Marshallese it is extremely cold and they all have their coats, sweatshirts and warm clothes on. For us it can even get a little chilly but it always amazes us at what makes them cold. In the above pictures you can see a picture of the ocean and of our Catchments which are full to the brim.

The Catchments are how we get our water. It rains and then the rain from the roof goes into our two Catchments providing us water. This is what we use for everything from drinking to cooking. No rain, than we have to rely on a limited pumping schedule from a shallow water well that the people in Laura have. It only comes on twice a week (if the pump is working) and provides us with enough for drinking and cooking but we really rely on the rain. As I am typing this the storm seems to be getting worse. It feels like we are right on the edge of a typhoon.

This week was an awesome week. Since our last post we have been blessed. Even before we did our last post the blessing was on the way. The answer to our prayer for video and camera gear has been answered. Praise God! We want to thank the supporter who sent in the awesome blessing. Soon we will be doing some video and better photo work so that you can see what is going on here.

I am continuing to train the Salvation Army leaders on Wednesday and Fridays. I am doing a three day seminar next week with all of their leaders here in the Marshall Islands. Praise God for open doors. It is amazing to see what God is doing. Shawn is busy as usual coordinating the next children’s events. She is now working on putting together a Christmas Cantata for Christmas day! She always has ideas in abundance she is a blessing to our family and the Marshallese. She continuing to work with the ladies in our local church and guiding them through a study on prayer. It is amazing to see the hunger that is growing my wife for the Word and how the Holy Ghost is flowing through her. She is well beyond children now and God is taking her to new places in him.

The boys are doing well and as usual getting along with everyone. We allowed Travis and Stevie to get cell phones. Yeah I know it sounds strange here in the middle of the pacific with power outages, phone outages and food shortages but believe it or not the cell phone system works. It is pay as you go and with Travis working he pays for his and Stevie has been doing many extra chores to keep his going. It also helps us keep up with Travis at work and when Stevie is out and about. So it is a good thing. Richard, well he just asks for more books on animals. It reminds me so much of my brother Tim when he was younger. He loved animals, all kinds. Richard is just like that. He is always outside and exploring, and reading about all of the animals he can. He is becoming a walking, talking book. Whoever thought that! Praise God for three awesome healthy boys.
We will close for now. I am ministering tomorrow at the Morning Star church and we are expecting a mighty move of God. Oh yeah, keep me lifted up in prayer, I am on a new exercise program and want to be below 200 pounds by December 25th. If not I promised my students I would shave my head and my mustache. Someone has already said I will look like a naked mole rat and we do not want that. Have a blessed and awesome week. We appreciate so much all of your prayers and support. Words can not express it. Remember, tell someone about Jesus today.
Running with God’s vision for the Marshall Islands and the Pacific Rim.
Steve, Shawn, and the Coconut Gang

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Giving God Praise in the Islands

Well it is Sunday here in the islands. A day of praise and worship. For you in the states we are a day ahead of you. Today it is kind of overcast and the skies are sending down more rain. Praise God for the rain. Today we just want to thank God for all of His provision. He has blessed us in the ministry and continues to bless us. We thank God for all of our supporters and new supporters that God is in the process of sending. We are confident in what the Word of God says, when we sow our seed God always multiplies the seed back to the sower. We serve a God of blessing and not the curse. He is faithful to His Word and He performs His Word daily in our lives as we walk with Him. Our prayer is that just as the Word says “that you will prosper even as your soul prospers”. As you got deeper with Him, He will take care of all of your needs.

Since our return we have been blessed with several things that we want to give God praise for! First of all we recieved a new Air conditioner, praise God relief from the heat. Then we recieved a Laser Printer for the ministry. It is working wonderful and is providing materials for the students and is very cost effective. Our computer was repaired and sent back and is turning out material left and right. It is capable of doing video and multimedia. It is an awesome blessing from one of our supporters. Then another blessing from Wings Of Eagles International, they have provided a 6Kw generator for back up power! Praise God! Now when the power goes out, we will not lose our food anymore. They also provided water filters for our filtration system. Praise God for these blessings. All of our supporters are such a blessing. Our church, Winter Haven Worship Center, always steps up and supports us in so many ways. Family Worship Center in Washington, DC continues to help out as does Pine Castle Methodist Church in Orlando, Florida. Even here in the Islands, Island Memorial Chapel on Kwajalien has been an awesome blessing. Thank all of you who send care packages to us. These are always a blessing to our family. There are to many to list and to name but you know who you are. We praise God for you daily and thank God for your support of the ministry here in the Marshall Islands.

We are still believing God for things and we know that they are on the way. We are working on providing boats to outer island pastors. The Salvation Army here has a program for rebuilding boats and is giving local marshallese jobs and the work. We can rebuild a boat with new motors for about 5,000 and provide a pastor a boat. The radio station license is near approval and once that is done the building process begins. We are also believing God for a boat for the ministry so that we can take teams to the outer islands and deliver food and supplies to the needy. We also believing God for partners with the training center. It takes about $800.00 a month to run the training center.

We are also in need of a digital camera with external flash and a new video camera that works well in low light. That way we can take pictures and make video to send to you so that you can see what is going on here in the islands. We have the computer we just need the tools. These are just a few of the things that we are believing God for. If you would like to help out in any of these areas just contact us and let us know how you would like to help. The most important thing is your agreement in prayer, as you agree with us for the minstry we know that God will do it. Lives are changing here in the Marshall islands. Revival fires are burning. Thank you all so much for all that you do. So on this Sunday here in the Marshall Islands, we give all of the Glory, Honor and Praise to God. It is for Him that we run with the vision. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Tell someone about Jesus today.
Steve and Shawn

PS: If you want to see a larger version of the pictures just click on the picture. Also we are going to open the Blog to comments so that you can leave your email address or a comment. Be blessed.