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Wotje Atoll
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Friday, October 27, 2006

Ebeye and Back

Well we are back on island after after trip to Ebeye. We left for Ebeye last saturday morning and returned on Monday. Then once again on Tuesday back into the classroom. There is definitely always something going on here in the islands. Our trip to Ebeye was awesome. We flew in on Saturday and met with the Full Gospel Pastor and deacons. After that off to a birthday party. Hermai Makkoro’s, a deacon of the church, grandson had his one year birthday party. So we went and had a great time fellowshipping with the people.

Sunday we were back in full swing and ministered in both services in the church. In the morning we say the power of God fall. People were filled with the Holy Ghost, bodies were healed and other set free. It was a powerful time. However, no airconditioning in this church. Now I have to say that most churches in the Marshall islands but Ebeye is a little different. Ebeye is a very small island about the size of one airport runway, length and width that is. It is home to about 16,000 people. Believe me, the houses there are about three to four inches apart. It is very crowded and the living conditions are very difficult. Problems with sewer, water and other social problems abound. Most of the Marshallese that live here work on Kwajalien, the US base here in the Marshall Islands. Anyway the full gospel church there has no windows and is cooled by one airconditioner. Well Sunday morning the power was out! That however did not stop the Spirit of God. I have to tell you though my whole body was pouring sweat. I have to say though when God is moving you do not even notice it.

It was an amazing Sunday morning and Sunday was just as powerful! On Monday we went and surveyed the location of the school that they want to build. Land on Ebeye is very precious and this gift from the senator of Ebeye is awesome. It is a piece of land that has a building on it. It will have to be renovated but it is in good shape and should be able to have about ten classrooms. So believe God with us for doors to open to build this school. Our vision is to have this school up and running by August of next year. Then I found a special jewel. Ebeye has its own FM radio station that is not being used! It is fully operational but no one is operating it at this time. When it was running everyone on the island listened to it! So we are going to approach the people in charge of it and see if the Full Gospel church can run it! We are believing God for this tool to be put in the hands of the churches. That evening I flew back to Majuro.

School has been great this week and everything is on track. We are looking forward to next week when Cathy Bentley and Linda Gallagher from Florida come and minister here in the islands. We are planning on taking them off island to two outer islands to minister. We are believing God for great things to happen while they are here. So we are in the preparation mode for them to come. After the outer islands we are hoping they will be able to spend time with the students. Oh yeah, we finally got the stamps and were able to mail out the newsletters. I believe that you should have them next week.

For those of you who email us regularly we have had no phone for most of the week. It has been in and out. We also had a power outage yesterday. The ship came into today and we should have our gear on Monday afternoon. Praise God we are ready to put that generator into action! We ask you to keep us in prayer. We pray for you and believe in you all. We thank you all so much for your prayers and support. May you always prosper even as your soul prospers.

Running with the Vision
Steve, Shawn and the boys

PS: The Pictures above are of Ebeye Full Gospel Church and Ebeye as you come in on the boat.

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