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Wotje Atoll
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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Giving God Praise in the Islands

Well it is Sunday here in the islands. A day of praise and worship. For you in the states we are a day ahead of you. Today it is kind of overcast and the skies are sending down more rain. Praise God for the rain. Today we just want to thank God for all of His provision. He has blessed us in the ministry and continues to bless us. We thank God for all of our supporters and new supporters that God is in the process of sending. We are confident in what the Word of God says, when we sow our seed God always multiplies the seed back to the sower. We serve a God of blessing and not the curse. He is faithful to His Word and He performs His Word daily in our lives as we walk with Him. Our prayer is that just as the Word says “that you will prosper even as your soul prospers”. As you got deeper with Him, He will take care of all of your needs.

Since our return we have been blessed with several things that we want to give God praise for! First of all we recieved a new Air conditioner, praise God relief from the heat. Then we recieved a Laser Printer for the ministry. It is working wonderful and is providing materials for the students and is very cost effective. Our computer was repaired and sent back and is turning out material left and right. It is capable of doing video and multimedia. It is an awesome blessing from one of our supporters. Then another blessing from Wings Of Eagles International, they have provided a 6Kw generator for back up power! Praise God! Now when the power goes out, we will not lose our food anymore. They also provided water filters for our filtration system. Praise God for these blessings. All of our supporters are such a blessing. Our church, Winter Haven Worship Center, always steps up and supports us in so many ways. Family Worship Center in Washington, DC continues to help out as does Pine Castle Methodist Church in Orlando, Florida. Even here in the Islands, Island Memorial Chapel on Kwajalien has been an awesome blessing. Thank all of you who send care packages to us. These are always a blessing to our family. There are to many to list and to name but you know who you are. We praise God for you daily and thank God for your support of the ministry here in the Marshall Islands.

We are still believing God for things and we know that they are on the way. We are working on providing boats to outer island pastors. The Salvation Army here has a program for rebuilding boats and is giving local marshallese jobs and the work. We can rebuild a boat with new motors for about 5,000 and provide a pastor a boat. The radio station license is near approval and once that is done the building process begins. We are also believing God for a boat for the ministry so that we can take teams to the outer islands and deliver food and supplies to the needy. We also believing God for partners with the training center. It takes about $800.00 a month to run the training center.

We are also in need of a digital camera with external flash and a new video camera that works well in low light. That way we can take pictures and make video to send to you so that you can see what is going on here in the islands. We have the computer we just need the tools. These are just a few of the things that we are believing God for. If you would like to help out in any of these areas just contact us and let us know how you would like to help. The most important thing is your agreement in prayer, as you agree with us for the minstry we know that God will do it. Lives are changing here in the Marshall islands. Revival fires are burning. Thank you all so much for all that you do. So on this Sunday here in the Marshall Islands, we give all of the Glory, Honor and Praise to God. It is for Him that we run with the vision. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Tell someone about Jesus today.
Steve and Shawn

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