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Wotje Atoll
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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Stormy Day in the Marshalls

Good day from the Pacific. It is a wonderful day here in the Marshall Islands. We have been getting a lot of rain as you can see from the pictures. It has been raining now for about three days. The Catchments are full, praise God. It is like it goes from extreme hot and dry to rain in a matter of days. Of course here in the islands we do not have a fall or winter. It is either wet or dry. It looks like that we have several possible typhoons building in the area. The ocean is very angry and not a good time to be in a boat. It is always amazing though that the sea does not cover the entire atoll. It is amazing to see God’s Word at work. He put the tides and seas in place and they still obey the word that was spoken. The tempature is still about 78 degrees Fahrenheit even with the rain. However to the Marshallese it is extremely cold and they all have their coats, sweatshirts and warm clothes on. For us it can even get a little chilly but it always amazes us at what makes them cold. In the above pictures you can see a picture of the ocean and of our Catchments which are full to the brim.

The Catchments are how we get our water. It rains and then the rain from the roof goes into our two Catchments providing us water. This is what we use for everything from drinking to cooking. No rain, than we have to rely on a limited pumping schedule from a shallow water well that the people in Laura have. It only comes on twice a week (if the pump is working) and provides us with enough for drinking and cooking but we really rely on the rain. As I am typing this the storm seems to be getting worse. It feels like we are right on the edge of a typhoon.

This week was an awesome week. Since our last post we have been blessed. Even before we did our last post the blessing was on the way. The answer to our prayer for video and camera gear has been answered. Praise God! We want to thank the supporter who sent in the awesome blessing. Soon we will be doing some video and better photo work so that you can see what is going on here.

I am continuing to train the Salvation Army leaders on Wednesday and Fridays. I am doing a three day seminar next week with all of their leaders here in the Marshall Islands. Praise God for open doors. It is amazing to see what God is doing. Shawn is busy as usual coordinating the next children’s events. She is now working on putting together a Christmas Cantata for Christmas day! She always has ideas in abundance she is a blessing to our family and the Marshallese. She continuing to work with the ladies in our local church and guiding them through a study on prayer. It is amazing to see the hunger that is growing my wife for the Word and how the Holy Ghost is flowing through her. She is well beyond children now and God is taking her to new places in him.

The boys are doing well and as usual getting along with everyone. We allowed Travis and Stevie to get cell phones. Yeah I know it sounds strange here in the middle of the pacific with power outages, phone outages and food shortages but believe it or not the cell phone system works. It is pay as you go and with Travis working he pays for his and Stevie has been doing many extra chores to keep his going. It also helps us keep up with Travis at work and when Stevie is out and about. So it is a good thing. Richard, well he just asks for more books on animals. It reminds me so much of my brother Tim when he was younger. He loved animals, all kinds. Richard is just like that. He is always outside and exploring, and reading about all of the animals he can. He is becoming a walking, talking book. Whoever thought that! Praise God for three awesome healthy boys.
We will close for now. I am ministering tomorrow at the Morning Star church and we are expecting a mighty move of God. Oh yeah, keep me lifted up in prayer, I am on a new exercise program and want to be below 200 pounds by December 25th. If not I promised my students I would shave my head and my mustache. Someone has already said I will look like a naked mole rat and we do not want that. Have a blessed and awesome week. We appreciate so much all of your prayers and support. Words can not express it. Remember, tell someone about Jesus today.
Running with God’s vision for the Marshall Islands and the Pacific Rim.
Steve, Shawn, and the Coconut Gang

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