Wotje Atoll

Wotje Atoll
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Special Force For Christ

This is a new singing group on Ebeye. Their name is Special Force For Christ. After my trip there a couple weeks ago they came together and picked this name. Many of you who know my background understand the reason behind this. What is amazing about this is are the people who are in the group. They are three very special couples. Now all saved but not always. The three women pictured there became Christians under Pastor Anwi Morris's ministry. After they became saved they began praying for their husbands. After a long time of praying and believing God the result is all three of these men came to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Praise God! Two of these men were into drugs and were even selling them. They were very bad men and many Marshallese were afraid of them. Now they are serving God and singing unto the Lord. These families have been radically changed by the Word and the power of the Holy Ghost. This is what is happening in the Marshall Islands. People walking in faith and a pastor faithfully preaching the word of God. The results, Lives radically changed for Jesus. Be blessed and we will post their testimonies on our BLOG in a future posting. Please pray for these couples as they continue to serve Jesus. Be blessed.

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn and the coconut gang

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