Wotje Atoll

Wotje Atoll
Taking off from Wotje Atoll

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wotje Trip Outer Islands

Well we had a great time in Wotje! It was awesome and the Holy Ghost was moving. We went there at the request of the Full Gospel Churches to teach and preach. We arrived there on Tuesday morning and started on Tuesday afternoon. We got to minister eight times in four days. The Holy Ghost touched, encouraged and healed many that attended the services. We ministered on life and life more abundantly on Thursday and the Holy Ghost gave joy to everyone that need it! We serve an awesome God that takes care of His people all over the world.

The pastor of the church there is Will Lakior and his wife Carmen. In the picture above you see a picture of Pastor Will and his head deacon Anjain. The church there is making an impact on many lives. This a church that is on the move. Last year this was the church that asked us to come and speak on cults. We went there and found out that the Mormons wanted to build a church there. Well, guess what, the mormon man and wife who wanted to build a mormon place now attends the Full Gospel church! Praise God they are being changed by the Spirit and by the Word. The demonstration of the Word and the power of God further established their new found faith. Halleluiah! Our God is mighty and Pentecost is still happening here in the Marshall Islands.

Please keep the church there in prayer. There is much witchcraft there on Wotje and Pastor Will is on the attack. Many times Pastor Will has cast out devils there on Wotje. Praise God, the name of Jesus still works today. This Pastor is full of the Holy Ghost and fire and is helping to change a nation for Jesus. On the natural side they have not had rain since the last week of December. Water supplies are low. They have some shallow water wells and that supplies drinking water and water to cook with. They have not had a supply ship in over a month so many food supplies are low. The supply ship that normally runs there is not working and has not made a supply run since December. Please keep them lifted up. However they continue to give God the glory and see Him provide them with everything that they need! With everything that is going on, it is great to know that the Gospel is being preached, people are being set free and filled with the Holy Ghost all over the Marshall Islands.

Running with the Vision
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard
Majuro, Marshall Islands

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