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Wotje Atoll
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Moving Forward

Good day from the islands. The pictures you see are from Ajeltake Full Gospel church. I wanted to share with you what God is doing here on Majuro. In a place where the people earn only a few dollars a day, a church is being built. They started the church in 2004. Since the start they laid a floor and put up a roof but no walls and no windows. In 2005 they stopped moving forward. A little discouragement had set in. It seemed like the church would stop and just be a floor and a roof. In late 2006 the vision was resparked in Pastor Stanley's heart for the church. He started believing God by faith for the walls and the windows. What you see in the pictures are the walls going up. Cement and sand has been donated and the people are working on the church everyday. Little bit by little bit the vision is coming to pass. It is happening because the pastor is moving by faith. He is putting action to his faith knowing that God will provide what he needs to do the job.

This is such a testimony. In the middle of a drought with little water and lots of faith a church is being built. He is believing God for windows for his church and we believe with him that he will have them. God is such a good God. He is so faithful in all that He does. When He gives a vision He provides the provision. Pastor Glenn Ward said one time " we need to walk in provision everyday"! Miracles are wonderful but provision is better. It is so awesome to see men and women of God moving by faith around the world. It is faith that moves God not head knowledge. We all need to take a lesson and remember that as James said "Faith without works is Dead!!!!!!!!

We all have projects and things to accomplish for the Lord. It is time that we partner with the vision of our pastors and make it happen. This is not the time to hold back and look at circumstances, but this is a time to move forward in faith and watch God move on behalf of His people.

Running with the Vision,

Steve, Shawn and the boys

Majuro, Marshall Islands

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