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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Be Flexible, Adapt and Overcome

I start off with this saying “Be flexible, adapt and you will always overcome”. In a world that is in a constant state of change we need to be able to adapt. The pictures show some of the things we have here in Majuro, coconuts, the sun, and water/wind. We over the last year have seen frequent power outages and lack of fuel will soon bring us to the point of limited power everyday. In other words twelve hours on and twelve off. So we have to be able to adapt to our situation which sometimes rapidly changes.

Our van is already powered by coconut oil. With diesel at $4.25 a gallon we can fill up with coconut oil for $2.25 a gallon. Now with electricity starting to be an issue we are looking to the sun and the wind to generate power here on the compound. We already have a 30kw diesel generator and a small 6.5 kw diesel generator that will run on coconut oil. To supplement this we are now looking to the sun. If you have any expertise of knowledge in the area of solar or wind power drop us an email.

Why do I bring this up? Well one for you to pray and two to get more information on alternative power. Besides that we as Christians sometimes fear change. We are not willing to adapt to change in our lives and in our churches. Why? Do we think that God lives in a box and never changes? As we have taught and ministered here in the islands we watch as people change with the Lord and through the Word. We have also seen those who are not willing to change. They usually say “we have always done it this way”!

The bible says that “His mercies are new everyday”! He knows what is going on and He knows when changes need to made in our lives and in our church. Are we truly sold out to Jesus? Total surrender means that we give up everything to include our rights to serve Him. I am reminded of Philippians 2: 5-7 where Paul tells them to have the same mind as Jesus. The attitude of Jesus was one of obedience. He humbled self all the way to the cross to finish His mission. Jesus said “I only do the will of the Father”. In the last days when deception is everywhere we must guard our hearts. Change from the Father is good, change because of our flesh will result in problems.

Looking from the outside and seeing churches who are now denying the rapture, accepting immorality in the church and denying other established doctrine concerns me. I see many people running to churches and doctrines that please their flesh. They are not willing to walk Holy and follow a Holy God who requires that we change our fleshly ways and follow the Spirit. You see God asks us to change so that we can fulfill His mission here on the earth not so we can please our flesh. Sometimes these changes are not easy but if we are flexible, adapt (change our ways for Him) we will always overcome. Just like the power situation here we can look at it and cry or we can change and overcome.

Running with the vision,
Steve, Shawn and the boys

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