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Wotje Atoll
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Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Trip to Langnaar!

The Trip to Langnaar!

Well Thursday the 5th of July we loaded the boat and headed to Langnaar. In the lagoon it was calm and sunny. After the crew assembled and we prayed we then started out. Upon leaving the lagoon we immediately noticed that the seas were rougher that we expected. The ocean sometimes can be very deceiving. From the shore every think looks nice and beautiful but we soon realized that the swells were seven to eight feet.
I asked the captain “what do you think”? He replied all is well. So we proceeded to Langnaar about sixty miles to the south. It is the last atoll in Arno atoll chain. Arno is composed of three lagoons, each of them very different and quite large. The roughest part of the voyage is from Majuro into lagoon number two. We had quite the bumpy ride but we were determined to deliver the boat.
When we entered lagoon number two the swells of course settled out but the water was still very choppy. We soon found that we were going against the wind. I then remembered that Paul talked about the winds being contrary in his travels. We pressed on. The captain knew of a shortcut from lagoon number two into lagoon number three Which is where Langnaar is located. We raced to the other end with hopes of a shorter route into the last lagoon.
Arriving at the end of the lagoon we found that it was low tide and we could not cross there. We then had to backtrack to the ocean (about four miles) and go back into the ocean for the final leg. It was a battle all of the way. The swells seemed to be higher and winds stronger. As we looked forward to our destination we saw a double rainbow in the sky. One end of it was in Langnaar! It was unbelievable. It was actually like the Lord was saying here is the destination. Our spirits soared and we pressed on!
Then we spotted the pass into the lagoon. As we came back into calm water we stopped the boat and thank the Lord for a safe trip. We then blew up balloons and attached them to the boat. Just like a present for the church. After decorating the boat we then circled the lagoon in front of the church. We could hear the singing of the people and knew they were praising God. Slowly we pulled up to the shore and the ladies began to wade into the water praising the Lord and welcoming us.
The entire church came and many people from all over the atoll walked there to see the blessing of the Lord on the church. It brought tears to my eyes to see the face of the young pastor when we came. Now he would be able to take care of his people and spread the Gospel through that atoll. Even that night after the celebration they were able to take people home that lived across the atoll. They had walked most of the day to come and welcome us. This family and friends many Sundays walk around the atoll just to come to church. That night the young pastor was able to take them home using the boat.
As I write this post already evangelism teams are being sent to four different parts of the atoll to share the Gospel with all of the people. On behalf of the people of the Marshall Islands, Langnaar Full Gospel Church, we send a big thank you to the Christian Motorcycle association for your gift to this young pastor. Thanks to Missionary Ventures International for your support and prayers in our mission here. Of course always thank all of you our prayer partners and supporters for your continued support in so many ways.

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard

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