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Wotje Atoll
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Graduation Dinner

Last night was an awesome night. We celebrated with our former student Tony Tiareta his completion of the Christian Training Center Curriculum. He and one other student Norton Bikajle have completed the entire course. It took three years for Tony to finish but last night we had a dinner and celebrated with his family and friends. Many pastors from Majuro came to celebrate this time with Tony. Tony is also already pastoring a small church here in Majuro for the Kiribati people.
Tony is a true man of God and a blessing to the body of Christ. Norton could not be there last night because he is already a pastor on the outer islands. We will have another celebration dinner with him next week and honor him also.
As we continue to train men and women of God here in the islands. We need more staff. Not only do we need an administator for our ministry by we need teachers. Our ministry is expanding at an unbelievable rate. Praise God, growth and change is good. Please pray as Jesus directed us to pray. He did not tell us to pray for the harvest but to pray for the laborers to enter into the field of the Lord. Join us in agreement as we believe God for more laborers to come here to the Marshalls and to the pacific to help us in the field of the Lord.
Be Blessed and have an awesome day in Jesus,
Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn and the boys

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