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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

School is going on!

The school year is flying by. We have 55 full time students and they are doing well. There are little ups and downs but kids will be kids. God has certainly blessed us in giving us the opportunity to impact young lives. This year we have add lunches. For two dollars a day the students get a balanced meal. In many cases this is the best meal they have all day long. Our cook Boata, she is from Kiribati, takes care of this for us. In the process it blesses her family. She is a single mother with two children that attend our school. They are able to come because an unsaved family paid for their tuition this year so that they could come. Praise the Lord! He works in so many ways.
I also wanted to make you aware that we have four single mothers sending children to school. All broken families. Some are barely making ends meet but because they want their children to attend a Christian school and get a good education they are making it happen. Some of these children do not have money for lunch and usually share with others. It takes all the mother can to make sure they are in school. Would you like to help in this area? With tuition or lunches? If you would like to bless a child here in the islands drop us an email. We not believing for the entire school just for four mothers who want the best for their children. You know, we have prayed and we believe that God will meet the needs of these four families. We continue to share the Gospel with the lost and thank Him everyday for the provision to do it. Believe me everyone eats at our school everyday in the natural and in the Spiritual. Be Blessed.
Yours in His Service,
Steve, Shawn and the boys

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jesus, Lord make a way for them to eat and to be blessed of the Lord. Father God, bless those mothers for sending their children to hear the Word of God and to learn of Jesus. Lord, let them eat, of the food that sustains their bodies, but more importantly, Lord, the food that feeds their spirits. And Jesus, as they put their faith and trust in you, cause men to give unto their bosom. Thank you Jesus, our provider.