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Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas on Ebeye

Christmas on Ebeye
Well as many of you know this year Shawn and the boys were in the states for the holidays. I was here in the islands continuing to run with the mission here. While they were gone the school continued to run and everything stayed on track. On December 19th we had the school Christmas party and the next day I was on the plane to the islands of Ebeye.
Even though there are no airplanes going to the outer islands now Continental has service into Ebeye. So I was on my way. For the next six days I stayed with Pastor Anwi Morris and his family. I had a great time with them. He is the pastor of the Full Gospel church. This church is literally exploding. They are seeing a mighty move of the Spirit and people are coming to the Lord every Sunday.
For the next few days as I lived with them I got to see what goes on up close in preparation for Christmas. Just to let you know, the Marshallese do not just celebrate Christmas on one day, they celebrate it all month long. It is not about shopping and buying things it is about celebrating the birth of Jesus.
So they begin the month with Gospel day where they celebrate the Gospel coming to the Marshall Islands. Isn’t it something that they celebrate the day that the first missionaries brought them the news of Jesus. Praise the Lord that a nation remembers when the Gospel came to them. So after that day every Sunday is filled with programs and everyday of the week the groups are getting together practicing for Christmas day.
Then on Christmas Eve the cooking begins and goes all night long until Christmas morning. They all then go home and get a couple of hours sleep. At ten o’clock on Christmas morning we got started. We had an awesome worship service and preached the Word of God. After that we had lunch together and then the programs began. For the next 18 hours we would worship the Lord together. Finally on 26 December at 4 AM we finished. What a time of celebrating the birth of Jesus.
Even though I was separated by thousands of miles from my family I had a great Christmas with the Marshallese. Together we lifted up the name of Jesus and gave Him all of the glory that only He deserves on that day. I will finish this post with something I shared that day. Everyday is Christmas for the people of God. Everyday we have the gift of life and as we walk by faith God the Father meets all of our needs. He is still giving to us in so many ways. Everyday we have something we can give to the world. We have the Gospel of Jesus that can change lives and set people free. Everyday we can give the gift of Jesus to someone. Everyday is a good day to give that free gift of life.
Be blessed.
Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn and the boys

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