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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Don't Understand the Word? Pray!

Here is a picture of Kevin Aikum, she is one of my disciples in the Christian Training Center. She is studying hard and wants to learn more about the Word. She is Pastor Stanley's wife, pastor of Ajeltake Full Gospel Church. I want to encourage you today about the Word of God. When I was in the states I heard several times, oh, the Word of God is so hard to understand! I was amazed even with all of the different translations, people still have a hard time with the Word. To the point that they do not even try to study the Word but depend on other people for what they know about God. Trust me, not studying the Word for yourself can lead to serious deception and misundertanding about God's Word. Remember it is up to you to put the Word of God in your heart. If you put in in your heart it will guide you through life and keep you from sin, read Psalms 119:11.

Anyway Kevin is a diligent studier and reads the Word as much as she can. Yet because she was studying in Marshallese and in English it was getting a little confusing. That was, until she prayed. It came up one day in class because several students were having trouble with a passage of scripture. I just simply reminded them that the Holy Ghost was their teacher and would guide them into all truth, John chapters 14 - 16. So Kevin went home and read over the scripture again and simply prayed "Holy Ghost teach me"! She took a short nap and when she woke up she completely understood what the scripture was saying. Praise the Lord! So remember, when the Word seems confusing to you, just Pray and the Holy Ghost will teach you!!!!!

Runing with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn and the crew

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