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Wotje Atoll
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Three Men!

Hello from the islands. Today I just wanted to update everyone on the men of the house. Of course I have already given everyone an update on Shawn. From the top is Travis, bottom left Stephen and of course on the right is Richard. All of the guys are doing great. Travis having finished school has decided to stay here with us. He is now employed by an airconditioning company here on Majuro. He is learning to repair, service and install A/C and refrigiration units. He is still single and is enjoying life here in the islands.
Stephen this year started Marshall Islands High School. As many of you know our school right now is only going through 8th grade. Because of that, he transitioned over to the High School. He is doing very well. He is involved in the science club, and student body government. He also has the distinction of being the first full blooded American to attend MIHS. On the weekends he is still doing some waitering at the Tide Table restaurant.
Richard as you can see is enjoying a cup of coffee. He is doing well in Ajeltake Christian Academy (ACA). He has great grades and is excelling in every area. We think that he will be (if the Lord tarries) the doctor of the family. He started life with challenges but in the name of Jesus he is an overcomer in every area of life.
All of the men are doing well here in the islands. I just wanted to take a minute and bragg on them. They are very special in so many ways but of course have all of the challenges of life. Please keep them in your prayers when you think about them. Be blessed.
Brother Steve and Shawn
Majuro, Marshall Islands.

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