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Wotje Atoll
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What an Awesome Two Weeks

We have had an awesome couple of weeks here in the Marshall Islands. First of all Cathy Bentley came in and was teaching here in Majuro. Then Pastor Charlie Hoskins flew in from Lehigh Acres Florida where he pastors the "All Faiths Church". They ministered in Majuro for the first week. It was awesome, Cathy and Pastor Charlie taking turns ministering to the people. On Sunday the 24th Pastor Charlie was ministering on one end of the island and Cathy on the other. They had the whole place covered. What great services we had that day.

On Tuesday the 26th we flew to Ebeye and start a week of services. We had double services in the evening. Cathy would lead off followed by Pastor Charlie. It was so awesome to see them flow in the Holy Ghost. Cathy's teaching on getting your house in order was right on target and really touched the people. Pastor Charlie then would follow up on flowing in the river of the Holy Ghost, teaching and demonstrating how to be led by the Spirit.

The teaching was on target and the people were truly blessed in so many ways. Learning to be led by the Holy Spirit and how to keep their house in order. What a tremendous combination of teaching that was right on time. Tomorrow Cathy and Catie will begin there journey back to the US. Pastor Charlie will be with us for a couple of more days. We plan on taking the "Pointman" to Arno atoll so that he can see the churches in Langnaar and Arno Arno. Thank you for all of your prayers and faithful support. Be blessed in all that you do.

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephena and Richard

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