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Wotje Atoll
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Work Day in the Marshalls

Well here is another day in the Marshalls. It has been a week of plumbing problems. At the school and here at the house. Earlier this week I was under a trailer at the school repairing the lines there. Yesterday I replaced the pump here at the house. It had went out and would stay on contiously using up water and blowing fittings. So I went down and got a new pump and replaced it.
As I was doing it I began to think about how experiences through life teaches us things. While putting together the pump and redoing the lines I thought about my mom, dad and my brothers. All of them in many ways shaped who I am today. Mom and Dad the guidance and wisdom that is irreplaceable and three brothers who inspire me in so many ways. Tim, a man of vision, Scott, who does not see a problem but the solution and Paul who is always excelling in everything he puts his hand to.. All of these things help me get things done here in the islands. As a missionary you not only teach, preach you are also the mechanic, plumber and electrician. As I was doing this, the qualities that I had learned from my family and life came into play. I had a vision to make things better, I did not see the problem I saw the solution and I knew that if I put my hand to it, it would work! Mom and Dad put in the foundation that I would need for life, the Word of God! That is irreplaceable!
We as Christians all need these qualities in life. We need vision, Faith and then we need to do what the Word says. The Word of God gives us all of these qualities. Dive into the Word of God today and dare to believe. Do something that will change the lives of others, give them the Gospel. Have vision, do not see the problem see the solution and then do something about it. Be blessed and have an awesome day in Jesus!
Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard

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