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Friday, October 31, 2008

Miracle at the Hospital

Good morning from the islands. The story I am about to tell you is a miracle that happened this week. The names have been changed for a couple of reasons. One, the disciple involved wants to give all of the glory to Jesus, two there are sensitive family issues involved.
On Tuesday evening I began recieving messages from several of the disciples. They were all telling me about a miracle that had happened at the hospital. Of course I began praising the Lord and they told me I would hear the story in class the next morning. The next morning the disciple involved gave the class her testimony about what happened. Julie (not her real name) on Tuesday needed to go to the hospital to check on a family member. She was very reluctant to go and just did not want to. Her friend though kept encouraging her and finally she asked a pastor to give her a ride to the hospital. Upon arriving she told the pastor to take her back home. She did not want to go inside. Her friend with her again encouraged to go in and do the right thing.
Julie agreed and went into the hospital. Upon entering the hospital she saw her grandfather who called to her saying Rikaki come her. Now in Marshallese Rikaki means teacher and is a sign of respect. Hearing this Julie was surprised. Her grandfather for a long time was against her being in the Full Gospel Church. He is a pastor from another denomination and did not want Julie to be a part of that church or CTC. Julie went over, sat down beside him and asked "what is wrong". Her grandfather told her he had great pain in his kness. They had been that way for many years and the doctors had told him, "there is nothing we can do".
Julie then began sharing with him about the healing power of Jesus. She felt faith arise in her heart and she asked him if she could pray for him. He said yes please pray. They did not go to a private room, or have a worship band, they were in the middle of an overcrowded hospital waiting room. Julie leaned over and began to pray, as she did she felt the power of the Holy Ghost flowing through her. Her grandfather immediately stood to his feet and said the pain is gone. Then at the top of his voice he said "Jesus is alive". He began praising God and giving Him the glory for his healing. All of the pain was gone and he was healed.
All of the nurses, doctors and people wanted to know what happened. People told them God has healed this man. As he was praising God his wife tried to tell him to be quiet but Julie stopped her and said let him praise the Lord. Julie's grandfather was healed and it was in the middle of a hospital. Not in a church or at a special event but in the middle of sinners and non believers. It has become a great witness to many people who were there. Together with Julie and all of the disciples we give God all of the glory.
She did not go to a special seminar or school. What she did was just simply obey the Word of God. When we obey, God moves. I am telling you right now it is time to take Jesus out of the church and put Him back in the streets. It is the last days and the world needs to know Jesus is alive!!!!! Be blessed in all that you do.
Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard


Doc Murphy said...

Amen! Thank you for sharing that Steve. And you are right on point. For too long Jesus had been left in church. It is time that we, the body of Christ, begin to reach out and share the love of Christ, the healing power of Christ, the redemptive power of of a loving God with the world. WE NEED MORE "JULIES"

Anonymous said...

let God be glorified, and His holy name lifted up!

desertchick said...

What a wonderful account! I praise God for such encouraging witness as this. Thank you for sharing it. It reminds me that "I", other than being obedient and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, have nothing to do with the Power behind it all. I have felt like "Julie" felt many times before she went into the hospital. Yet each time I am obedient, blessings flow in ways I could never have imagined.
Praise God! And again, thank you for sharing this account.
You are all on my heart and in my prayers.