Wotje Atoll

Wotje Atoll
Taking off from Wotje Atoll

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Expanding Education

Good morning from the islands. We just wanted to clue you in on the latest class offered at Ajeltake Christian Academy. Shawn has started a Home Economics class. Shawn never ceases to amaze me in what she can do. As you can see this class takes place in our home. No space goes unused on this mission compound. The girls actively participate in preparing meals, learning to budget and plan.
As far as I know this is the only class like it on the island! Everyday they are preparing meals for their fellow students. Let me tell you it is a huge success. Shawn has come up with another way to influence these young ladies. Not only in their education but in life skills. It is also a great opportunity to show each of them the love of Christ. Thank you for all of your faithful prayers and support. You are our partners in the Gospel and have a part of changing lives here in the Marshall Islands.

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard

Saturday, January 17, 2009

104.1 FM "The Change"

Here is a few shots of our radio station staff. Bottom left is Ben Marriott and Ryan Debrum. Bottom right is Dickner Moore and Harold Debrum. In the top photo is from left to right, Harold, Dickner, Ben, Diann and standing Ryan. They have been working hard preparing for the opening of the station. There have been delays but God knows when it is the right time. We are filled with joy as the day approaches. The parts and cables are here and next week we will finish the hardware repairs on the station. Then it is a matter of finalizing the license for this year and then it is on the air.
This week the staff have been working on playlists and format for the station. It is a joy to see them putting it all together. Ben has stayed with us since the end of November helping out with the station. He has a great talent for working with music and sound. He has taught the Marshallese how to use the software in the station and has helped them get ready for the opening. Ben was with us this year through Christmas and got to see it done Marshallese style. Ben will be leaving us next week. He will be in Hawaii for a few days and then on his way home to New Zealand. Please keep him in prayers during his travels. We as always thank you for all of your faithful prayers and support. Be blessed and have an awesome day in Jesus.
Yours in His Service,
Steve Shawn Travis, Stephen and Richard

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"And there was Joy in the House!

Here is a few pictures of a family member who has returned for a visit. On Tuesday Catie Bentley returned to the Marshall islands. It was quite a surprise to all of her Marshallese friends who did not know she was coming. It was really hard to keep the secret but we have known for over a month. As you can see the radio station staff received quite a surprise when Catie walked in. Catie will be with us for the next five weeks.
Many of you know that Catie was with us for four months the last time. That time she was working with another organization here on Majuro. This time she is working with us, praise the Lord. We are looking forward to spending time with her. Thank you again to the Bentley family who have once again sent their daughter to work with us. Keep her in you prayers as she runs with us and the vision for the Marshall Islands. Be blessed.
Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen, and Richard

Friday, January 09, 2009

School and Seawall Update

Here are some recent pictures of the school and the sea wall. The two men in the picture have completed all of this work in two weeks. Many of your remember Thor who is our worker here on the compound. They literally rebuilt the inside of the school and completed the sea wall repairs in two weeks. Praise the Lord. The sea wall had to be done in between the tides and they got it done. We praise the Lord for these two men of God that work with us here in the Marshall Islands.
On another note $2000.00 has been promised toward our cost here in the islands. Only $43.00 to go. God is so good and has provided exactly what we need to get the job done. The weather has been a little on the bad side for the last couple of weeks. When we have a calm day we will be up the tower to complete your repairs there. We want to thank all of you for your continued, faithful prayers and support. You are truly our partners in the Gospel. Be blessed and have an awesome day in Jesus!
Yours In His Service,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard
Running with the Vision in our Hearts!