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Wotje Atoll
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rescuing Churches in the Outer Islands!

In the picture on the bottom left is Pastor Deek from Arno, Arno. On the right is a picture of Jammey and Waston James assistant pastors on Arno, Arno. Waston and his wife were disciples in CTC. They are currently pastoring on Arno, Arno while Pastor Deek is off island getting medical care for his wife. I know that the title of this post is a little unusual but it points to what is happening on the outer islands. In the pictures in the middle you see an empty church. This building has not been used for years because there has been no pastor there. The people of Arno, Arno recently gave this building to Pastor Deek to use for a church. We are seeing the Arno church begin to grow as the Spirit of God is moving there. It is sad to say but there are many church buildings in the outer islands but very few pastors.

What is happening? Pastors are leaving or quitting the ministry. They become discouraged and come back to Majuro. You see outer island life is not easy for a pastor. The Full Gospels are working to fill in the gaps and hold the line. We are receiving calls and messages from the outer islands to come and bring a pastor. CTC is moving forward to fill that need. Our goal is also to get to the outer islands and support the local pastors there. For many years there has not been a move of the Spirit. We are preparing and positioning men and women of God who have the call of God on their lives to take the move of the Spirit back to the outer islands. As I posted before Likiep has lost their pastor and have called us for help. We have a couple ready to go and fill the gap. Now it is a matter of putting the funds together and a team to go. Since that post two more atolls have contacted us asking us to come! What will we do? We will go in the power of the Spirit and rescue those who need help.

Many of these churches have stopped being supported by their denominational churches. We thank God everyday that the Full Gospel Churches support their pastors! They are also planting new churches on the outer islands. In our last post we requested help for our outreach to Arno Arno and Langnaar. Within in a few hours the need was met. Family Worship Center in Virginia (Pastor Eddie Trayers) partnered with us meeting the transportation need. Praise the Lord! Now we are planning more trips into the outer islands with our disciples from CTC.

We have two more trips that we are planning at this time. The trip after Arno is a trip into Wotje. The Lord has really opened a door here. Everything we tried to charter wanted about 5,000 dollars to make the trip. We just finished talking with the owners of the Northern Star and they will do it for 1,800 round trip. That is for 30 passengers plus cargo. Praise the Lord, God always makes a way. This trip is planned for the third week of May. So now we are believing God to provide the funds again for transportation. Wotje is about 250 miles north of us. Pray and believe with us for this need, we know He will provide. Where there is vision there is provision!

Sometime after Wotje, we will take a trip to Likiep to do outreach and support the local church there. This will be a small team and we are still putting together our cost estimate. If you would like to help out with our trip to Wotje in May please email us at:

clarkmvimi@yahoo.com rikakisteve@gmail.com or clarkmvimi@ntamar.net

Thank you for all of your faithful prayers and faithful support. Be blessed in all that you do!

Running with the Vision,

Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard

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