Wotje Atoll

Wotje Atoll
Taking off from Wotje Atoll

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Kingdom is Moving Forward!

In the pictures above you see several of the Pastors that we work with in the Marshall Islands. As many of you know I am in the states until the 10th of November. Upon our return we have several trips planned through the first of the year.

The last week of November we will be on the atoll of Ebeye with Pastor Anwi Morris and his church there. The first week of December Pastor Ronald Matthew and I will travel to the atoll of Utrik to the north. We plan to be there for about a week. This atoll is about 350 miles to the north of Majuro. Pastor Tirok Joe and his family are there. This isolated place is the home of a growing church there. Pastor Tirok is doing an awesome job.

We will then return to Majuro and celebrate Christmas with the churches there. After Christmas Pastor Ronald and I will travel to Wotje atoll. We will be there with Pastor Will Lokior teaching the youth for a week. We are seeing the Holy Ghost continue to move in the Marshall Islands and around the world. No matter what is going on in the world the kingdom is still moving forward!
We are also planning a trip to Vanuatu in May 2010 to participate in two pastor’s conferences there along with Phil Plowman (Missionary Ventures Australia) and Rand Montgomery (Regional Coordinator/Missionary Thailand). If you would like to help us to go on any of these trips please contact us at Rikakisteve@gmail.com Start praying with us now for these meetings and agree with us for a mighty move of the Holy Ghost and that lives will be changed! Thank you all for continued faithful prayers and support. We know that God will continue to bless you as you sow into the Kingdom! This is not a time to draw back but to moved forward with the Kingdom. Be blessed in the name of Jesus!

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard

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