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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Haiti Relief!

We just wanted to take a moment to ask you to pray for Haiti today. Many of you have seen the video and heard the stories of what is happening there. In the natural it is a tragedy but in the midst of all this, God is moving. Missionaries who are there have not given up and are continuing to see lives changed by the power of God. In the midst of what looks like tragedy new life is emerging in the changed lives of the people.
As you pray about giving we ask you to be wise and choose the right organization to give to. Of course if your church is supporting an effort there, go through them first. That way you ensure where your money is going. It is sad to say but in the midst of this there are those who are doing the wrong thing. I also want point you to two ministries that are doing a great work there. One is Pastor Jay Threadgill in Port au Prince, www.fom.com (it that doesn’t work try .org). Pastor Jay has been down there for many years and God has used him and his family mightily there. Another brother is Ed Locket, I am not sure of his exact location but he is with Missionary Ventures International (www.mvi.org). You can help him out by going through their web site. We here in the Marshall Islands believe that God, in the midst of this will do a mighty work there. We stand with the body of Christ in Haiti and know God is with them. Please pray for them today and give to help build the kingdom of God in Haiti. Be blessed and have a great day.

Yours in His Service,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard

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