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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Please Pray!

On a different note we would like for you to agree with us for some people that need a touch from God. One is Pastor Herman’s wife, Talina, her leg was amputated a few weeks ago and she is not responding well to treatment. Also pray for Pastor Labi Anni’s wife, Kendi, this weekend her sugar went really high. She lost movement in her left arm. She was on IVs through the weekend. She is improving but needs prayer. We are standing and believing with these two families for total healing for both of these women.
Finally, in the picture above you see Shawn with one of our new students. Her name is Lei Momie. Her lower right leg has a very bad infection. She has had this infection for several months and it has not healed. Lei Momie and her brother Peter start our school about two weeks ago. We noticed her leg and we began to take action. We prayed for her and yesterday we took her to the hospital. There she was x-rayed and put on antibiotics. The doctor was concerned that the infection had gotten into the bone. Praise the Lord it had not. As Shawn waited on the result she was praying and interceding for this young lady. Today she is due to go back to the hospital to have the dead tissue taken away. Please agree with us today for total healing for this young lady.
We praise God for His healing power and know that He still heals today. Thank you as always for your faithful prayers and support.

Yours in His Service,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard
Running with the Vision

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American History said...

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