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Wotje Atoll
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Construction and Repairs

The last couple of weeks have been a flurry of activity here on the compound. We are in the last week of school now with the awards ceremony on the 28th. Along with taking final tests and practicing for the awards ceremony construction on the new classrooms has continued. We had a delay for a couple of days because of no water but we were able to get some yesterday. Today they are finishing the last couple of rows of block and pouring the columns. It is amazing what is going on with the new building. One reader commented on the wheel barrow and mixer, how everything is done by hand. They asked is there not a cement truck on the islands. Yes there is one. However, to get cement that way is very expensive and not very reliable. So a lot of muscle and sweat goes into building a building here.
Once the classrooms are done we will have to fill them with desks and tables. If you would like to help us in that area, please email us at the address listed below!
We also had to do some repairs to the tower due to an accident by the water truck. The truck backed into the guys wires and shook the entire tower breaking one of the cables. Thor, our worker from Kosrae, jumped to the task and repaired the cable. Praise the Lord for this faithful man of God!
The wind/solar project is moving forward. We hope to have the first two wind generators online in the next couple of days. As you can see we have mounted the control boxes, now to put it all together. Someone inquired as to what we need to be completely off of MEC power. At this point, we have the budget to get four more panels and a solar controller for them. What we have left to really get us off of the grid is:
4ea 210 watt solar panels
1 ea 80 amp MPPT solar controller
12 to 16, 6 volt batteries, these are heavy duty solar batteries
If you would like to help out in finishing our solar/wind project please drop us an email rikakisteve@gmail.com
We, as always want to thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard

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