Wotje Atoll

Wotje Atoll
Taking off from Wotje Atoll

Sunday, November 14, 2010

News From the Islands

Wow the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity here! We finished up the 1st quarter of ACA and are already moving into the 2nd. CTC has been working on the book of Daniel. Tomorrow we will finish the 12th chapter and take the test on Tuesday. It is wonderful to watch these disciples learn more about the Word of God. In doing this study we have tied in many other books of the Bible. Some of the books we tied in are Revelation, Ezra, and Nehemiah to name a few of them. I truly believe that Daniel is the key to understanding the book of Revelation.

Majuro has been experiencing major power outages again. This week we will get the two main wind generators back up and online line. It has been so busy that this project has been on hold. By Friday we should have everything back online. The timing is perfect seeing as the winds are starting to pick up again for the windy season. The main generators for Majuro are truly on their last legs and we are watching to see what happens in that area. We have what we need for the baseline but still believing for provision for complete project.

The silver bus is back online now giving us two operational buses. We got it back on Monday. It certainly has relieved some of the driving pressure by having another bus online. The white bus is close we are hoping to have it back in line by the end of the week. We have also found a diesel engine for it and we are looking into the possibility of changing it out. We are certainly thankful for our Marshallese brother and sisters who have helped us out during this time.

This week Pastor Lawrence Edwards went home to be with the Lord. We have known him since we came here to the Marshall Islands. He will be missed but we know that he is home and in perfect peace. It is always a wonderful thing when a saint goes home to be with the Lord. My heart cries out for those who step into eternity without Him.

All of the family is doing well. We praise God everyday for His faithful provision for the ministry here in the islands. We are planning trips to Wotje and to Ebeye in the near future. If you would like to help us out in any area of ministry here in the islands please email us at rikakisteve@gmail.com ! As always thank for your faithful prayers and support. You are truly helping us build the kingdom of God!

Running with the Vision,

Steve, Shawn, Travis, Stephen and Richard