Wotje Atoll

Wotje Atoll
Taking off from Wotje Atoll

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back to Wotje!

Last Thursday, 10 March, we flew out to Wotje atoll. During the flight I wondered what had changed since I had been there last. Because of different things going on it had been almost 18 months since my last trip there. I was very anxious to get on the ground and see what God has been doing there. As we made the approach to the dirt landing strip I could see the church to the right hand of the runway and people there waiting. When I stepped off the plane there was Pastor Will to meet me with a big smile on his face.

It was good to see him and as we walked to the church I could see that things had been happening on this small atoll. As we round the corner I could see the new church where it was being built. Footer and columns in place getting ready for the next stage in building. I was amazed at the size, 100 feet by 50 feet. That is really big for an outer island church. I asked Will about the size and he said that is what God had put on his heart to build. Praise the Lord for vision. Pastor Will’s plan is to fill it with the lost.

We began to talk about his growing church and what was going on there on Wotje atoll. He first told me about the lack of medicines on the island. Literally there are no meds there. Not even Tylenol to break a fever. This is very serious in a place where a high fever can kill a small baby or child. He then told me that God was healing people who were sick and the Spirit was moving on Wotje. Praise the Lord for men and women of God who live by faith.

Over the next four days we ministered twice a day to a full church. Young people from northern island high school came to every meeting. We saw lives changed and people healed by the power of God. I am honored to be able to serve these people on the outer islands. Shawn and I thank God everyday for the privilege of ministering here. It is so amazing that everywhere the Word of God is preached and people walk in faith, God’s Spirit always moves.

Please pray for Pastor Will and Carmen as they continue to pastor there on Wotje. As always we thank all of you for your faithful prayers and support. If you would like to help out with medicine, please email us at rikakisteve@gmail.com

Thank you and may God bless you in all that you do!
Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Richard, Stephen and Terina
Majuro, Marshall Islands


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