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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Church on Fire!

Last Tuesday we traveled to Ebeye atoll to spend a week with the Full Gospel Church there. The church is pastored by Anwi and Wendy Morris. We flew to Kwajalein and then took the ferry over to Ebeye! The church was there to meet us. It was awesome to see those that we knew and the many new faces there in the church. This is a church that sees people come to the Lord every week. Tuesday night we started our meetings. From the very first night the Spirit of God was moving and lives were being changed. This is a church that is strong in prayer, and has a passion for the Word of God. As we ministered, we could see people gathering on the outside to see what was going on. Praise the Lord, when the Spirit is moving people are drawn to the Gospel.

Every morning, from four to six, prayer groups are praying for the church and for the people of the Marshall Islands. Each morning we met with the people and prayed. This is a church who believes in the power of prayer. The meetings then started every night at seven. We saw people saved, healed and changed by the power of God. It was not because anyone special was there! The Spirit was moving in answer to the prayers of the people. Glory to God, His Spirit is moving around the world changing people every day.

Because of the growth of the church they are no longer inside of a building. They have built a shelter outside and have already filled it to capacity. There are no more chairs for the people and many sit on mats to hear the Word. The members that go to work at four in the morning were staying until ten thirty at night and then coming back to prayer at four. What passion they have for the things of God.

Ebeye is not an easy place to live. Right now there is no gas or diesel for the vehicles they have. They live very close together with water and sewage problems. Between seventeen to eighteen thousand people live on a place about as big as an airport runway. It is amazing! But in the middle of all this, worship and praises are heard. In the middle of this, the spirit of the over comer is there and the kingdom of God is being built. Please keep the Ebeye church in your prayers and all of our outer islands churches as well. It is such a privilege to serve with men and women of God like this. Thank you for all of your faithful prayers and support. With your help we are able to serve church here in the Marshall Islands and reach the lost. Blessings in the name of Jesus!

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Richard, Stephen and Terina

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