Wotje Atoll

Wotje Atoll
Taking off from Wotje Atoll

Friday, June 17, 2011

CTC, Upcoming Conferences, and Other Things!

Christian Training Center, CTC, has been for the last two day taking their tests on Revelation.  We currently have 15 disciples studying with us.  They are all doing well and sharing the Gospel every day.  We are currently planning outer island trips for them in the fall please keep them in your prayers.  Our plans are to complete one more class before conference time.
With that said people from the outer islands are already arriving by boat here on Majuro.  They are getting ready for the General Conference from 10 July until 17 July.  It is a time for all of the churches to gather together and worship the Lord!  We will be minister both mornings and evening during this week!  If you have time come and join us here in Majuro for a great time in the  Lord!
After the main conference we will be doing a leadership seminar with all of the pastor and leaders.  Needless to say it will be a busy two weeks.  Also during the second week, Drew Pitts will arrive and begin to make preparations for his family’s arrival here in Majuro!  Please keep the Pitts family in your prayers as they come and join us here in Majuro.  After the conference we have trips coming up to Wotje, Ebeye and Utrik atoll.  Please keeps us in your prayers as we plan these trips.
As always thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  Please feel free to contact us anytime at rikakisteve@gmail.com

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Richard, Stephen, Terina and Kanani!

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