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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Clark's Update!

Good day everyone and blessings in the name of Jesus!  It has been a busy week here in Majuro.  Shawn and Richard are back in Majuro and Stephen is now in Florida!  Monday and Tuesday were really couple of hectic days.  Stephen's flight to Honolulu was cancelled and so was Shawn's coming into Majuro.  Shawn was able to get in touch with United and get the flights taken care of and all is well!  Needless to say it was a challenge and certainly had us going around in circles.  But thank you Lord for favor and everyone got where they need to go!

  Stephen jr. is now in Florida for medical treatment.  He has his first appointment on Monday with a neurologist!  Praise the Lord for open doors.  We are believing God that all is well and the reports will all be good!  We are still believing God for the provision to cover all medical expenses and the flight back here to Majuro.  He is in good spirit but missing his wife and daughter big time!  Please continue to agree with us in prayer for these needs!  Keep Terina and Kanani in your prayers also while Stephen is in the states!  God is good and all the time God is good!  Jesus is the healer and we know that everything is under control!

  Shawn and Richard are doing well and readapting to island life!  Shawn and the staff are getting ready for school to start next Monday!  All is on track and on target and we are expecting a great year.  All of our students who graduated last year are on their way to high school.  Those who attended summer school all passed with flying colors!  Praise the Lord!  A big thank you to our new principal and head teacher, Liezl Domingo!  She handled the summer and office over the summer for us!  Praise the Lord!

We thank all of you for your continued faithful prayers and support.  It is you and us together that are reaching people with the Gospel!  You are a blessing and we pray that God blesses you above and beyond what you need!

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Travis, Malissa, Stephen, Terina, Kanani and Richard!

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