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Monday, August 27, 2012

God is Faithful!

I wanted to take a moment and share this testimony from a young lady in our church named Sarah!  Read this and be blessed!

Sarah Writes:

I praise God for His guidance and protection. Went home late last night in the midst of lightnings and thunders (still thankful for the lightnings because they lighted my way back home because everything was so dark), turning on the lights but the bulbs all gave a dim light and no power coming from all my electricity outlets. Afraid that there would be a brown out and no water supply, i filled up 
my pail with water. Then, around 1:00am, there was a brown out. With nothing to see and i was really tired, i went to sleep but still managed to pray that God would recharge my body, renew my strength and wake me up early so that i could go to work.

This morning, i praise God that He woke me up early again. Little did i know that there's an incident happened last night. There was a fire on the light post outside our compound, everyone already went to other places except me who was in deep sleep despite of the absence of A/C or a fan, haha. There were policemen and the acting Mayor was there, securing the area. But no one managed to wake me up, but still i'm thankful i had a good rest. ;)

I just want to praise God for His UNFAILING PROTECTION to His children. I slept last night with a HOPE that i would wake up this morning despite the brown out and thunderstorm. Though men failed to inform me, but God took care of me. I thank the Lord for the good night sleep i had, without worrying about the incident because it was Him who took charge of me and of everything. I REALLY PRAISE GOD FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! =)

(God is faithful and takes care of His children no matter what is going on around us!  The sleep of the righteous is peaceful!)  

Running with the Vision,

Steve, Shawn and the family!

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