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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Second Half!

On June 8th Brother Divine and I flew to Port Vila, Vanuatu.  Another beautiful city here in the pacific.  We were there from the 8th of June until the 15th.  On the first Sunday we attended the "Living Word Church", pastored by Gordon Garae.  It is a church filled with young people.  Right now they are currently having church in a home.  The word preached was right on target.  Stay connected to God.  An encouraging message to stay connected and let God move through your life.
Pastor Gordon

Later that day we attended a combined praise and worship meeting at the "All Saints Church".  For three hours we were blessed with great praise and worship with three different churches.  Pastor Gordon also delivered a great message there as well.

On Tuesday I met with another man of God here there in Port Vila, Pastor Zebedee Tanga.  What privilege to meet with him and see what God is doing.  He and his wife are the pastors of "History Makers" church in Port Vila.  They have a growing church filled with young people that are reaching out to all of Vanuatu.  They are not only doing work in Port Vila but in the outer islands as well.

Pastor Zebedee

Pastor Zebedee took me to a slum area called "Black Sands".  They have helped establish a church and a school there.  With teams from Missionary Ventures Australia and others they have brought in clean water, built restrooms/showers and had electricity brought in for the people.  The are ministering to the whole community on so many levels.  They also have a school that they are currently doing inside the church.  They are hoping in the next six months to have a new building built for the children there in Black Sands.  Please agree with us for the provision for the school.  It was such a blessing to see what is going on there.

Living Word Church, Port Vila

The week was also a time filled with prayer and the Word.  God is continuing to open my eyes to things in the pacific.  Many have asked what are you doing?  Well God had spoken to my heart many years ago about the nations of the pacific now those things are beginning to come to pass.  I will write more about that in the next blog.  Needless to say, Holy Ghost connections are being made in the pacific.  We thank God that we are now connected with Pastor Zebedee and Pastor Gordon in Vanuatu.  We look forward to going back and helping in anyway we can.

School in the Black Sands community
On the 15th of June we started back with stops in Fiji and Kiribati.  We arrived back in Majuro on the 17th of June.  We give all the glory and honor to God for the trip.  He is so good.  We also want to thank Phil Plowman, Missionary Ventures Australia for the connection with Pastor Zebedee.  But most of all we want to thank all of our family and friends who made this trip possible.  You are truly helping us in the vision that God has given us for the pacific.

God bless you and may your prosper in all that you do in the name of Jesus!

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Richard, Stephen, Terina and Kanani
Old Well

New Well, Clean water..

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