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Monday, August 05, 2013

Ministry Needs!

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Good day from the Marshall Islands.  Wow things are growing and moving here in the islands.  God by His Spirit is moving among the Marshallese and among the islands of the sea!  Our church, Majuro English Assembly, (MEA), is on the move.  We have expanded out walls, redone out bathrooms and but another roof on the building.  Our next upcoming project will be to expand our children's ministry area.  We are overloaded with kids.  Glory to God!  It is a great problem to have. We do have some other needs that we are believing God to provide for and would like to let you know about!


First of all we need Bibles.  We were so blessed with new testaments for all of our children during summer camp/VBS this year.  Now we are needing 50 Bible for our young people and adults here at the church and in Majuro.  Secondly we need a sound system upgrade.  Here sound systems are out of sight price wise is you can get a good one.  We are looking to upgrade to a digital board, obtain at least 5 new microphones and cables to get everything up and running.  Between the weather and wear and tear the system we have needs to be changed out.  Used or new does not matter to us.  If you know of a church or group that is upgrading and selling their equipment let us know!  We are in the market for it.  We are also believing God for a good travel projector as we travel teaching the word of God!  We are looking for something small and battery operated!  Where there is vision there is provision.  We thank God for the privilege of serving Him here in the Pacific!

Please agree with us in prayer for these needs and if you have a source let us know!  Glory to God!  Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support!  God bless and have a great day in the name of Jesus!


Running with the Vision,

Steve, Shawn, Richard, Stephen, Terina and Kanani



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