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Friday, March 14, 2014

Prayer Points!

A few weeks ago we asked that you pray for the Marshall islands due to problems within the Ministry of Health.  That is still an ongoing problem.  We thank God that over the last few weeks visiting medical teams have helped out in the hospital and brought some much needed relief.  We ask you to continue to pray.  Today though, we bring before you new prayer requests.  Since we arrived here, in the Marshall Islands, we have seen a big push by cults and others.  They have increased pouring money into spreading their lies and deception, and are sending new missionaries to the Marshalls and Pacific regions.  In some cases their missionary numbers have tripled!  We have had great success in teaching and preparing the church for this onslaught of deception.  These groups are using money and food as a tool.  Even with this happening the churches are still growing and people are getting saved.  They are preying on the physical needs of the people, those who are not saved, or have been riding the fence are being caught up in deception.  Many are targeting children with gifts and other things that keep them coming in.  This is not happening just in the Marshall Islands but throughout the Pacific.
The enemy is on the move here in the Pacific and around the world.  He knows his days are numbered, and that Jesus is coming soon.  Even though this is happening, the Kingdom of God is growing and people are being born again even as I type this.  Where sin abounds, grace super abounds!  Glory to God, victory is ours in the name of Jesus.  With that said, I want to tell you about the new influence in Majuro.   Two years ago a mosque was built in Majuro.  Islam is here and is using everything it can to bring influence to change this nation to Islam.  They have been given air time on national radio and are constantly putting down Jesus and the Gospel and proclaiming Allah as supreme. There are those in government who have spoke out against what is happening.   Over the last few years, we have seen islam subtly come in many ways.  Diplomatic deals being made for money and support to the government.  In spite of this, up to this point, The Republic of the Marshall Islands has continued to stand with Israel.  As a matter of fact, when the last vote came up about the Palestinian state the Marshall Islands was one of the few that did not vote for it.
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Throughout the Pacific there is a  push for countries to stand against Israel!  The rumor is that the UE has been courting governments with the promise of dollars to vote against Israel.  Monetary support is always the promise to these nations who depend on outside aid.  We ask you to please pray with us that the Marshall Islands will continue to stand with Israel.  Please pray with us that the government will stay strong and those Christians in government will prevail.  In the last three weeks we have found out that the someone in the government sent a letter nominating Jamil El-Sayed to a diplomatic position in UNESCO representing the Marshall Islands.  This man from Lebanon spent four years in prison in conjunction with the assignation of a prime minister in Lebanon.  He also has ties to Hezbollah and is very anti US and Israel.  This position would have given him diplomatic immunity for ten years!  How did this happen?
 You can read about it here ( http://mideasti.blogspot.com/2014/02/marshall-islands-withdraw-nomination-of.html).  Now the Nitejella (Congress), is talking about a vote of no confidence in the current administration!  A lot is going on and we ask you to pray and agree with us for the Marshall Islands and the Pacific.
All over the world missionaries are seeing an increase in funding and support to those in opposition to the cause of Christ!  This not only happening to missionaries, but to every church and ministry no matter where they are located!  Take heart!  The church of Jesus can not be stopped.  The Kingdom of God is moving forward.  The Spirit is moving and we are taking ground.  I want to encourage you today to pray for your pastor, associate ministers and staff at your church.  Pray for each other and stand strong unified in faith.  Do not back off in your support to your church.  Keep giving, support outreaches, and the vision your pastor has for the church.  Get involved in all that the church is doing!  It is time to take back what the enemy is trying to steal!  Victory is yours!  The enemy will not prevail!
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How can you pray for us today?  Listed below is what we are believing God for right now!
1.  Prayer for the Marshallese government for stability and fixing of the problems in the ministry of health!
2.  Prayer for pastors, leaders and the churches here in the Marshall Islands, south pacific and around the world for strength and passion to stand up and declare the kingdom!
3.  Pray for Israel
4.  Pray and agree with us for the provision for a low powered radio station from which to preach the truth of God's Word!
5.  Agree with us for doors open here in the pacific and provision as we go to the nations of the pacific
6.  Pray for the members of Majuro International English Church as they reach the nations for Christ
7.  Agree with us for the provision to accomplish all that God has called us to do!!!!!!!!
We know that where there is vision, there is provision.  We see victory and stand in faith knowing that God has got it in control.  Thank you for your faithful prayers and support!

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Richard, Stephen, Terina and Kanani

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