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Monday, May 19, 2014

Singles Ministry!

Last weekend also saw the arrival of Rusty and Leslie O'dell.  They came all the way from Washington, DC to minister here in the islands.  They are a part of Family Worship Center DC under the ministry of Pastors Eddie and Stephanie Trayers.  A few months ago I got word that God had put it on their heart to come and visit us here in the Marshall Islands.  During my trip to the states in March I was able to meet with them and we set the dates.

They certainly came bearing not only spiritual food but natural blessings as well.  During the time before they came they contacted us about things we might need that they could bring to help us out.  Shawn gave them a brief list of things but when they came, we were overwhelmed.  They brought 3 suitcase of supplies that we need here in the islands.  In less than one week before they came their church put together some supplies to send over.  As they were in Honolulu I got an email stating they were on the way with 300 pounds of supplies.  Wow, praise the Lord.  The stuff that they brought will bless so many people here in the islands.  Then I was informed that they could not bring it all.  Glory to God and a big thank you to all of the members of Family Worship Center DC.

Rusty and Leslie arrived on Saturday morning and was with us in our Mother's Day service on Sunday.  It was awesome to have them in the service with us!  Sunday night we kicked off our seminar for the singles.  From the very first night our singles were blessed.  Rusty opened up and Leslie delivered the teaching.  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights were filled with the Word of God!  Our singles were certainly blessed.  On top of that some of our married adults came and enjoyed the teaching.  The entire church is reaping the benefit of the teaching on those nights.  Glory to God.

Rusty jumped in and helped us at the compound during the day.  He cleaned out our radio room/office and container.  He put us so far ahead on some things that we need to get gone.  What a blessing.  Leslie and Rusty not only blessed us in the supernatural but in the natural as well, glory to God!  What I want to also let you know is that the singles had been trying to do a retreat for some time.  It kept getting postponed for one thing or another.  The O'Dells by obeying the Lord and coming fulfilled the need.  They were right on time by the Holy Spirit.

We so thank God for those who are led by the Spirit of God.  Even they were only here for four days they were a huge blessing.  Once again, thank you Leslie and Rusty for coming.  Thank you Pastor Eddie and Pastor Stephanie for sending them to be here with us.

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Richard, Stephen, Terina, Kanani and Stephen III

You can find out more about Family Worship Center DC at www.fwcdc.com

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