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Monday, June 23, 2014

I Challenge You To Just Do It!

I want to issue a challenge to all of you who follow this blog!  As a missionary here the Marshall Islands we have really noticed a lot of changes.  Over the last couple of years false religions have increased their missionaries here in Majuro.  There is now a mosque in the main part of town and they are now acquiring land in the Long Island area of Majuro!  This is happening all over the pacific region and of course around the world.  We are seeing untold amounts of money being funneled in to support their push here in the pacific.

During my travels and reading new on the net I know that this is not just happening in this part of the world.  We are seeing the enemy attempting to deceive and hold on to those who need Jesus.  All of these groups around the world are targeting children and those in need.  They are bringing in food, supplying money and free education to the poor.  We are truly in the last days!  It is time that we rise up and stand for what we believe!

All around the world those in the five fold ministry have been given a vision by God to accomplish.  They are praying for people to partner with them to make it happen.  I am not just talking about the foreign field I am talking about home churches as well.  Your pastor has a vision, how many of you are partnering with him to make it happen.  This is not the time to back off giving to help build the kingdom of God!  Be example of the love of Jesus to the world!  He gave it all!

It is time to start living by faith and obeying when the Spirit speaks.  If God tells your to give and you tell God I have to check my budget are you really in faith?  I am not just talking about money here.  I am talking about your time, talent and assets!  When you sow what you have, God can bless it.  You may not have anything to drop in the offering but you have 24 hours in a day to donate to the local church!  Give your time, use your talents and put your assets to work.  Jesus is coming back soon and what will He find when He comes?  A church living by faith or one dependent on the wisdom of man!

I challenge you today to check yourself.  Honor those promises you made to God!  Get involved in your church in anyway you can.  I challenge you to do something for God!  It takes all of us together to build the Kingdom of God!  Accept the challenge, get involved and give!

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn, Richard, Stephen, Terina, Kanani and Stephen III

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