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Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank You Family Worship Center DC

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It has been busy here in Majuro and one of the things going on is construction.  Thanks to Family Worship Center DC, (www.fwcdc.com), we have been able to redo our children's area!  Glory to God!  Majuro International English Church, (MIEC), has a dynamic growing children's ministry.  Not only do we reach the children of families attending but many of the neighborhood children come to learn the Word of God.  Every Sunday we provide to them spiritual nourishment as well as physical.  We serve them lunch every Sunday after church.  On top of that our Saturday outreach is growing as well.  Needless to say our children's area was too small.  We were believing God for the funds to expand.  Pastor Eddie Trayers contacted me and asked about projects. We did not advertise or put anything out he called as moved by the Spirit.  I told him that the children need more room.  Needless to say FWCDC rose up to the challenge and all the funds were raised.  Praise the Lord God is so good!

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Then in June, Rusty and Leslie O'Dell came from FWCDC to minister to our singles ministry.  It was an awesome time in the Lord!  They even brought 300 pounds of much need OTC medicines  from FWCDC.  This is a constant need here on Majuro and on the outer islands.  At the youth conference we blessed 7 outer island pastors with medical supplies and the youth attending the conference as well.  Thank you Jesus.  This 300 pounds helped over 500 at the conference, 7 outer islands and had some left for the school!  It was and is a huge blessing to MIEC, the Marshallese and our ministry.  

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Thank you again Pastor Eddie, Pastor Stephanie and FWCDC for always being there for our ministry.  This year three times, construction, ministry and medical.  God bless you and may every seed that has been sown multiply beyond what you can ask, do, or think!  


Running with the Vision,

Steve, Shawn, Richard, Stephen, Terina, Kanani and Stephen III


If you would like to be a part of our ministry contact us at rikakisteve@gmail.com

Conference Time!

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Well it is summer time and in the Marshall Islands that means conference time.  This year it is the Youth and Women's turn!  Over a week ago the youth had their conference with over 400 youth registered from all over the Marshall Islands.  The theme for their conference this year was Revelation 22:12, "behold I come quickly"!  We were honored as always to be one of the speakers again this year.  All of the pastor spoke with sessions going on 4 times a day.  This along with meetings and fun as well.  It always amazes me that they are able to feed so many three times a day.  Glory to God!  The Spirit was moving each and everyday.  Altars were crowded and lives touched.  The Youth were blessed, refreshed and ready to go and share the Gospel with the world.
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This last week has been the women's conference.  The theme was II Tim 1: 6, "Stir yourself up"!  All of the teaching has been to stir up the church to do more in these last days.  All of the women pastors have been speaking morning and night.  Pastors Ronald Matthew and Anwi Morris have been teaching as well.  I had three sessions this week focusing on prophecy and the time we live in.  The women are pushing in and we are seeing change in every life.  God is so good!
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As I reflect on these two conferences I see a passion to win the lost.  There is an urgency in the Spirit now more than ever to reach out to everyone.  We are truly living in the last days.  We need to pray for more laborers to enter into the harvest field.  More than that we need to make sure we are sowing seed and bringing the harvest in as well.  Do your part!  The Lord is coming quickly, Stir yourself up!  May you be blessed in all that you do and thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  God bless!

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn and family