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Wotje Atoll
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Clarks Update!

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Good day from the islands.  We just wanted to take time and right an update for all of you this morning.  The last couple of weeks have been super busy.  We came out of summer camp and right into the new school year.  At our school here in the islands we start the first week of August.  Needless to say we did not have much time to breathe.  But on the mission field we keep moving forward at all times.  At the end of the second week our granddaughter, Kanani, came down with an amoebic infection.  We took her into the hospital on Friday night and she was there on IV meds for about 7 days.  Shawn, was constantly at the hospital and making sure the school was still moving forward.  It was a very tiring week to say the least.  Once we knew that she was sick we notified people to pray.  We thank God for His healing and that he is always faithful to His Word.  She is happy and smiling once again and we praise the Lord!  She lost a lot of weight because of no appetite but she is putting it back on.  Glory to God!

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On the 10th of September Shawn and our son, Stephen Jr, we be heading to the states.  Shawn is coming back for some much needed medical treatment.  We thank God that healing is working and that she is healed in the name of Jesus!  She will be there for about 3 months.  We are believing that it will be a time of healing and refreshing for her while she is there.  Stephen Jr. is beginning the transition of his family to the states.  He is coming back to find a job, get a place for them and go to school.  Shawn, Stephen and I know that this is the time for change in his life.  We want to ask all of you to agree with us in prayer for Shawn and Stephen as the travel to the US!  Please agree with us as well for provision for the trip and for everything that is needed for Shawn while she is there.

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Richard and I will be here in Majuro continuing on with the mission.  Richard is back in college right now with a full load!  We thank God for all that He is doing in Richard's life.  As for me, I thank God for the awesome staff at ACA who will keep things running smoothly during Shawn's absence!  Of the course the church continues to grow and move forward and the work with the Marshallese continues.  We are getting ready to open a special service for the Marshallese on Sunday nights.  Please agree with us for wisdom and guidance in all things.  We want to thank you all for your faithful prayers and support.  Every gift means more than you will ever know.  Truly you are our partners in the Gospel here in the Marshall Islands and the pacific!  God bless you and in all you do as you follow Him.


Running with the Vision,

Steve, Shawn, Richard, Stephen, Terina, Kanani and Stephen III


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