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Monday, November 10, 2014

Great Weekend!

Praise the Lord for an awesome weekend. First of all on Saturday I actually got to rest most of the day. Thank you Jesus. Sunday we were Pastor Junior and Brenna Matthew are Rairok Full Gospel church. It was such a blessing to be with them and share the Word. While I was a away Brother Divine Waiti spoke at MIEC on the fruits of the Spirit! I thank God for our leaders in the church who step up when I am speaking elsewhere.

Sunday we also got bless our Tongan brother, Mafileo Kaumavae, on His 21st birthday. It was an awesome celebration and we thank God for what is happening in his life. It a total change from when he first came to the church!

In other news for our church Brother Apo Leo will soon be joining us in ministry here in Majuro. He is a talented young man from Papua New Guinea who is connecting with us by the Spirit. His family was with us and they are now in Singapore but Brother Apo is coming back to join with us. We are looking forward to his arrival here in Majuro. Please agree with us in prayer for his travel and connections down to Majuro.

The flu and fever continues to be a major problem throughout the islands. As we posted on a recent blog there is no medication to break the fever. The hospital and clinic supplies are exhausted. There children now sleeping on the floor in the hospital and not enough beds to go around. To complicate matters some of the cases have gone into pneumonia. We have not heard of any deaths as of yet but please continue to pray with us that this epidemic will be broken. We are still in need to Tylenol, Ibuprofen in adult, childrens and infant strengths. This is the normal stuff you buy at the store, over the counter. You can even purchase it online through Amazon and they will ship to us direct. Please contact us at the email address listed below for information on how to get it to us.

That brings us to Monday and it is already starting out busy. It is amazing how the devil will try and steal your joy. I walked out to the bus this morning and found a flat tire. It could be a moment to be mad and sad at the same time. I got out my jack only to find out it was siezed up. After working on it, leatherman, WD 40 and hammer I got it working. As I began to changed the tire I found a few other things. Oh well, God is good and in control. I was able to get everything back in order and ready for the afternoon. I choose to rejoice in the midst of adversity. Praise the Lord! We are in need of tools here in the islands and if you would like to help out in that area please email us at the address below.

We are looking forward to lives changed and growth in the Kingdom this week. We as always want to thank each and everyone of you for your faithful prayers and support. You are truly our partners in the Gospel. Have a super blessed week in the name of Jesus.


Running with the Vision,

Steve, Shawn and family




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Wow what a great weekend pictures you have