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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Thankful in Majuro!

Good day from the Marshall Islands. We have been busy as usual here in Majuro. There continues to be a major outbreak of flu and fever here in the islands. At this time the hospital has no form of fever reducers on hand. Literally from what I have been told, they are completely out. One of our parents took their child to the hospital to be sent back home with no medication. We thank God for those that have sent Tylenol and Ibuprofen already. We have passed that out already. We have a limited supply on hand that we are now giving to the people. If you would like to help out in this area please contact us for mailing information!

As many of you know we have been without a main computer now for several weeks. Not anymore! This weekend we recieved a new system thanks to Winter Haven Worship Center and another donor. We are now fully back online! Praise The Lord. This week we also received another system to replace our office computer. This came from a family also in Winter Haven. We want to send a big thank you to everyone for helping out in this area. This link is the main way that we keep people informed on all that is going on here in the islands. We pray that God will bless all of those who helped in getting us back online.

Richard and I are doing well and counting the days until the return of Shawn. Stephen, our son who just moved back to the states has got a job. We praise God for opening the door for him to work. His wife, Terina, and the kids are doing well. Of course all of them are looking forward to reuniting in the future. Travis and Malissa also in the states are moving into a new apartment this week. I thank God for His favor on our family in so many ways. For those of you who have been praying with us, thank you!

Of course a big thank you to Mom and Dad Clark who are there for us in the states. They have taken care of mailing and getting things to us every since we have been in the islands. They also give us a place to stay there and as always took wonderful care of Shawn and Stephen. They are truly a big part of our ministry here in the islands.

Jesus is coming soon and we here are busy about Kingdom business. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you all for your continued faithful prayers and support. You are truly our partners in the Gospel!

Running with the Vision,

Steve, Shawn and Family




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