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Friday, July 10, 2015

Conference in Nauru!

 What an awesome time Shawn and I had in Nauru.  It certainly was a trip to remember!  New connections and a time of refreshing.  This post is little late but I wanted to give you all an update on this trip.  I was the first to go down on the 8th of June and Shawn came on the 12th.  We were so blessed to stay with Tim and Katherine Owens and their family.  It is so nice not to stay in a room somewhere and feel like you are home.  We had a great time together that is for sure.
The Assembly of God conference started on the 12 of June.  The theme for this conference was, "back to the first love"!  A theme that is certainly what the Spirit of God is saying to the church in these last day.  All of the messages were united together by the Spirit and the Word of God was powerfully delivered.

There were speakers from Fiji, Melbourne Australia and the US.  From Fiji was Pastor Maika, his wife Sue, and Pastor Joe Bolla.

From Melbourne, was Pastor Isa, a Cook Islander pastoring the Cook island community there.  Keith Wheeler from the US was also there, a man who is carrying the cross around the world.

All of these speakers anointed by the Spirit delivered the messages of the hour.

Shawn and I were so blessed to be under such teaching and were refreshed being there.  I can tell you this, the church is thriving in Nauru.  There is a lot of opposition by the enemy but the church is pushing through for the Kingdom of God.  The first night we were blessed with a word from the president of Nauru.  It was great to hear him stand up and declare the motto of the nation, " God's will  First"!  There is a lot of bad press coming against Nauru but I can tell you it is not true.  Nauru, is making a stand for God!

The Nauruans have opened their nation to refugees who are fleeing their countries.  Refugees from Somolia, Iran, Iraq and Sri Lanka to name a few.  They have made place for them while they are in transition.  The nation of Nauru is one of the smallest in the world but is moving forward at a great pace.

With the refugees there the Assembly of God Church in Nauru has opened their doors for them.  New converts, baptisms and Bible studies are happening in the camps.  Every Sunday two churches have refugees attending services.  Many even attended some of the conference meetings.  Praise the Lord!

Needless to say Shawn and I were so blessed and look forward to being back in Nauru soon.  We want to thank the superintendent of the AOG, Rev, David Aingimea, and all of the church leadership for opportunity to be there.  Shawn and I ask you to pray for the churches in Nauru, the government and the president.  Of course please pray for the refugees that they will come to know the Lord and that peace would reign in their hearts.

God bless and thank you for your faithful prayers and support.....

Running with the Vision,
Brother Steve, Shawn and Family

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