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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Trip to Tonga!

Good day from the islands.  Last Saturday I returned from my trip to Tonga!  Let me tell you about my trip!   I left here on Sunday the 15th of November and arrived in Nadi, Fiji.  I was there Sunday night, Monday and flew out Tuesday for Tonga.  On Monday I stayed in the town of Lautoka with Mue and Lavini Metusela's family.  On Monday night I was honored to share the Word with the family and their cell group.  We also dedicated the home to the Lord as well! What a priviledge to share the word with the family on my way to Tonga!

On Tuesday we flew to Tonga.  There I was met by Theresa Llorente who is with, Children's Evangelism Fellowship.  If you remember from one of our earlier posts it was Theresa and here her co worker Chona who came and did training here in Majuro.

During my stay in Tonga she provided me with a place to stay and everything I needed while I was there.  What a blessing!  Theresa has been in Tonga for twenty two years sharing the good news with children and teaching others how to do it.  She has started Good News clubs everywhere.  Praise the Lord!

Wednesday we attended a Kindergarden graduation in Kalonga!  Much to my surprise I became part of the celebration handing out gifts and speaking to the children.  It was such blessing to me.  As you know Shawn and I have a big heart when it comes to children.  Afterwards we joined in with the families for the feast (celebration), ending the school year.  Awesome time!

On Thursday we met with Brother Willy Florian who runs 93 FM christian radio in Tonga.  We did an interview with him for the station.  What a blessing!  Brother Willy is a part of so many things in Tonga as well as having 4 discipleship groups each week.  He is not only reaching via radio he is also reaching people with the Gospel one on one!  Glory to God!

Friday afternoon we got to be a part of the Scripture Union's meeting at Tonga High School.  This a group of young people that meet in all the high schools every Friday to share the word and pray.  As a matter of fact they just celebrated 50 years of doing this.  Glory to God!  On Saturday we were with sister Lavini's family.  We got to the share the word with them and dedicate the home to the Lord!  It is always a priviledge to share the Word and to meet the families of those in our church here in Majuro.  God is so good!

Sunday with visited the Equippers church in Tonga and met with Brother Vae's Uncle who is the pastor of the church.  Afterwards we had lunch together.  Great time as well.  Sunday night we shared with the Sister Theresa's group, the english assembly.  It reminded me of our church in Majuro.  I so enjoyed meeting all of them.

Afterwards I was picked up by Brother Willy and it was off to one of his discipleship groups.  This group has been going for two years now.  It was wonderful to hear and see what God is doing in that group.  It is a true example of the New Testament church.  Making disciples, one on one, from house to house!  Overall what can I say?  I am blessed!

Last but not least I want to mention Zack Woolwine and his family.  He is the Youth for Christ coordinator in Tonga.  I had a several reasons for going to Tonga and one of them was to meet Zack.  Zack is an on fire disciple maker sharing the love of Christ with everyone he meets.  He and his family have been in Tonga for five years sharing the Gospel and making disciples.  I wanted to meet him and see what he was doing there.  Zack made time in his schedule which is really busy to meet with me.  I was able to see first hand what he is doing.  Needless to say I came away with new tools and ideas to support our vision here in Majuro.

On Tuesday I flew back to Nadi, Fiji and then up to Suva, Fiji where I was able to rest before coming back to Majuro.  There I was able to stay with Brother Divine Waiti who is part of our church in Majuro who was there working on business.  We were able to spend time together sharing about the good things of God.  Needless to say the trip was a huge success!  I am so blessed and stirred up by what I saw and was a part of!

I met so many people and there are so many to thank.  Needless to say to those who I did not mention thank you for everything.  I would like all of you to pray for Tonga,  Theresa, Brother Willy and family and also Brother Zack and his family as well.  I do not give out contact information but if you would like to support any of these ministries in Tonga contact me and I will connect you with them!

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support.  It is such an honor to serve the Lord here in the Marshalls and in the Pacific!  God bless and have a great day..

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn and Family

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Willy Florian said...

It has been a blessing to have you here in the Kingdom of Tonga. Blessing to you Pastor