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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Big Change In the Marshall Islands

Good day from the islands.  In November 2015 the Marshall Islands had it's elections.  From the very beginning of the campaign we say several new faces.  A generation rising up to take it's place in leadership here!  In that election we saw one third of the senators replaced by newcomers.  Several of those became the solid 6 and eventually became the solid 10.   Of course, opinions vary on whether it was 8 or 10.  The importance of what has happened can not be overlooked.

This is a true milestone of change in government leadership here in the Marshalls.  Not only was there major change in numbers but we also have three women as senators.  The election was certainly a reflection of the people's desire for change.  It is seen by many as a changing of the guard.  The new young senators reflect a people looking for a younger, fresher approach to government here.

On Monday, January 4th, the new president was selected.  It was a vote between a new senator and a seasoned veteran.  In the end the new senator won by one vote.  The new president, Casten Nemra, is the youngest president elected here in the Marshall Islands.  He is also the second commoner to hold the position of president.  Along with the new president, a new speaker was selected, Senator Kenneth Kedi!

Our congratulations go out to President Casten Nemra and Speaker Kenneth Kedi.  The president is now selecting his cabinet and that will be presented soon.  Shawn and I would like to ask all of you to join with us in praying for the president of the Marshall Islands and his family.  Agree with us for a strong government for the people.  Agree with us for the cabinet to be one of integrity and truth.  We are believing with the people of the Marshall Islands for change.

Running with the Vision,
Steve, Shawn and family
Majuro, Marshall Islands

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